About Us

In 1962 the congregation at Fremantle Baptist closed its doors, and moved out to Melville when the suburb was being established. The church has a background of sound Bible teaching and has always sought to engage the surrounding community and present the great news about Jesus Christ.

Today Melville and the adjoining suburbs are going through a lot of changes. As the first generation of home owners in the area move on, their adult children are moving back into the area to raise families of their own. As a result the schools (Primary and High) are overflowing. Melville might be an older suburb, but it has a young face.

Here at MBC, we believe that the Word of God grows the Church of God. That is, we’re on about growing followers of Jesus through the message about Jesus, which we find in the Bible.

This means that we aim to use the Bible in every aspect of our church’s ministry: in our Sunday services, in our Youth Group, in our small groups that meet during the week, in our Sunday school ministry, in the Craft group, and so on. It also means that we are committed to presenting the great news about Jesus in the Melville community, the society at large, and around the world… in short, wherever we can make a difference!

All this needs to be done in way that makes sense — for ministry to make a difference, it has to engage with people are ‘at’. That means we must put our own preferences last, and the needs of others first. It’s from Paul that we take our cue: “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.” (1 Cor. 9:22).

We don’t think that being true to the Bible’s message and making sense to the average Australian are contradictory at all. Rather, exactly the opposite! The more honest we are to taking on board the message of the Bible about Jesus, and the more we put it into practice, the more we will find ourselves being addressed and changed by God.

At MBC, we seek to have a team approach across the broad range of activities and programs that we have here at the church. We believe in ‘every member ministry’ – that is, having all our members equipped for and involved in Christian service, and not just the ‘special few’.