Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To proclaim Christ.

Our Vision

To be a growing community of followers of Jesus, actively sharing the Good News with each other and our world.

Our Values

  1. We value God’s Word taught, God’s Word read, and God’s Word put into practice.
  2. We value the teaching about Jesus Christ in all the Scriptures.
  3. We value dependence upon God in prayer.
  4. We value growth in Christian character and love for each other.
  5. We value ministry to all ages, from cradle to grave.
  6. We value everyone playing their part in the life of the church.
  7. We value church leadership which doesn’t shy from difficult issues or situations, and gives correction when needed.
  8. We value the intentional training of Christians in their faith and service.
  9. We value church ministry which is supportive, encouraging, and follows people up.
  10. We value pastoral care for people in their struggles and trials.
  11. We value unity, and not divisiveness.
  12. We value sharing the Good News — individually and together, locally and globally.
  13. We value ministry which is accessible, relevant, and sensitive to the needs of others.
  14. We value purposeful change in order to keep us effective in our proclamation of Christ.